Triumph Autumn/Winter Collection 2013

 MFR was invited to Triumph Autumn and Winter 2013 collection yesterday. I must confess, in China Triumph is a really popular and loved brand, and I have a strong bond as my mother bought my first bra from Triumph. 

I really love this poster, which was illustrated by artist Kristjana Williams and gives a young fresh look. 


The event was held at Triumph Penthouse, 94 Portland place, London, W1B 1NZ, one of the smartest streets in London.  The first floor was transformed into a lingerie showroom, with three ranges of collection, the Essence, Body Make-up and Shape Sensation.


 Matt from Halpern PR showed us the latest  collections.

Triumph in essence captures the spirit of feminine elegance with lavish embroideries, Swarovski crystal application and beautifully crafted materials.

 The Body Make-up collection has a “light lace” and “cotton-feel” collections.  Both are made with cosy, soft material with a modern style.

The Shape sensation combines a seductive mixture of floral lace, patterned and sophisticated designs, luxury details and renowned innovative fabrics.


On the second floor there was a beautiful bedroom, where the fitting lady Nadine Haswell gave me a full consultation, measured my size and chose one perfect set for me (Beauty – Full Aura).. see below. Thanks so much Nadine!


I absolute love the material, it’s like a  second skin.  One of the pieces is made with Novarel Slim anit-cellulite fibers.  I’m  impressed by the quality craftsmanship, and it’s got to be a double bonus to wear pretty gorgeous underwear AND control cellulite.

The latest AW collection will be available on the market this autumn. It was lovely experience.  Triumph still holds a special place in my heart, and they continue to design excellent underwear with a good combination of practicality, comfort and high octave style.   More on my set this autumn…….

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