The ‘Greening’ of Topshop

Reclaim To Wear are proud to be partnering with Topshop to create a debut upcycled capsule collection made entirely from discarded materials, such as surplus stock or production off-cuts, launching instore and online on the 15th of June.

Topshop Reclaim To Wear

Reclaim To Wear aims to act as a design standard of excellence, creating new opportunities for textile, fashion and retail companies to collaborate with key opinion makers and designers in order to up-cycle and re-use surplus waste and introduce creative design solutions to their waste management systems.  This is the first step towards the creation of zero waste design collections. The Topshop team’s commitment to new sustainable solutions will lead to the reconsidering of consumption versus disposal throughout the whole fashion industry supply chain.

At My Fashion Review we love Reclaim To Wears method of producing beautiful clothes using the fashion industry’s surplus such as stock, remnants and off-cuts, this ensures that a large percentage of pre-consumer textile waste is re-used in a creative way and re-introduced into the market as a new, upcycled product. This is the personification of our ‘Green and Ethical’ policies and we applaud Topshop for taking responsibility for part of the incredible waste and pollution which comes from the industry we all work in, and for taking the first step.  That such a strong British label, with it’s powerful and influential opinion makers on board and it’s use of A list celebrities like Kate Moss, should send an electric message to the rest of the British High Street and beyond.  This is a wake up call to the rest of the industry.  Topshop – We Salute You!

The 15th June for the Topshop launch couldn’t come any sooner.

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