Review Guidelines

Fashion Review Guidelines

Here at Fashion Review we take integrity very seriously. This is an honest and genuine platform for your views, not a place to behave viciously and attack companies or designers.

Please, we ask both review writers as well as companies to follow these guidelines:

Our Guidelines

  • Reviews and responses to reviews must be genuine and honest
  • Fair and balanced reviews written with integrity are what we aim at.
  • Be nice! No personal i nsults or profanity will be tolerated.
  • Constructive criticism is OK – vicious rants will not be tolerated or published.
  • Don’t be personal or direct comments to either the company nor the writer of a review, nor any member of staff at Fashion Review.
  • No reports of violent criminal activity.
  • Content must be relevant to the fashion and beauty industry.
  • No hearsay – please write from your heart with original content.
  • No commercial web addresses, email addresses or phone numbers.
  • No HTML.

Remember – if you have a genuine complaint, please go to the company with it. Only by taking this information to the company can they rectify the situation.

Right to Respond or Have your Say

Had some negative feedback or would like to clarify a point? Fashion Review allows you to respond to reviews made according to our posting criteria. Responses will be displayed on the site directly below the relevant review.

We may contact you to certify that you are a genuine representative.

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