LFW Newgen Sophia Webster

Is it just my twisted mind or are most shoe designers playing second fiddle to the designer clothes they are styled up with? If a pair of Louboutins could talk, would they offer to love and obey the offerings above the ankle? I think so.

A polemicist to the rule is the lovely Sophia Webster, part of the Newgen pack and doing excellently thanks very much. These photos are of her autumn winter 2013 collection and I saw them at London Fashion Week.

Websters shoes are not the side dish, the complimentary byline nor the low calorie desert. Not for accountants, account handlers and anyone else tasked with cutting back or austerity , trust me these shoes have seen many a dawn arise.

This the holy grail of attention grabbing from below the ankle. Not for her the boring beige extend your legs shoes, but a riot of joyful excellence, shouting and dancing in the most staggering colours, shapes and designs. These are shoes which have rebelled and taken back the ground, and demand a quiet more refined topping, a sheath of beige Jil Sanders or a pared down Osman, so that they, the shoes, for just this bloody once, can be the stars of their own show.

And Sophia Webster shoes might say, in the words of the late great Oscar Wilde who I feel, would have immediately ordered the entire collection:

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars” Here’s to star gazing and Sophia Webster!



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