LFW – Jasper Conran

The Jasper Conran Show was a delight of fruit gum colours in shapes which were more than a nod to the sixties. Conran has long been a devotee of the lovely Mia Farrow and his collection was inspired by the shape and look of the Farrow era – strict shapes, all just to the knee or above, boxy and boyish silhuettes all refined, pinned down and ladylike, until the riot of colour added Conrans twist.  Pink, red and orange dresses flowed along the bright red catwalk, and the models wore colour blocked tights and low heeled patent shoes to punch the look home.

This was a highly wearable collection by the veteran designer whose sheer longevity in the business of fashion gives credit to his own particular marriage of creativity and wearability. Adored the colours and in particular the  shapes, it reminded me of my Italian mother in her youth in the 60′s, and the clothes she always put together so well, always the same strict shape, boxy, to the knee and high at the neck, but endlessly chic.  Perfect additions to a winter wardrobe for many Conran devotees.


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