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We at MyFashionReview are passionate about doing our bit to preserve this beautiful planet which is suffering from massive pollution. Too often, the workers who are involved with producing those killer heels or that uber sexy dress you love, are exploited and kept in terrible working conditions.  Everyday items we wear like simple cotton T shirts have a wide effect on the environment.

The ‘green and ethical’ category in the review section is all about drawing attention to the brand or designers corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies.  Put simply, CSR is a self regulating mechanism, the goal of which is to embrace responsibility for the companies actions and encourage a positive impace through its activies on the environment, employees and wider communities.  CSR policies ensures the business monitors compliance with international norms, the law of the land and ethical standards.

So what does all this mean? Simply this:

Does the brand use child labour in the production of their ranges? Are the brands behaving in a fair way with the people involved in their business including international workers in third world countries? Do the brands seek to do the least damage to the environment when they
set about producing their collections? Is there any aspect of the company which uses organically and ethically sourced materials? Are the brand actively involved in charity work?

To be fair, some brands and designers are already actively doing some or even all of the above, but we dont get to hear about it enough!

So what can we do?

We at MyFashionReview think that by law, all companies should declare whether they actively engage with CSR ON THE LABEL of the item of clothing, exactly where all the washing instructions are. Genius? No. We’re just a bunch of ordinary practical girls with an extraordinary dream of getting into a dialogue with all brands and designers about their CSR, and changing the law.

If you want to know more about the green and ethical aspect of your clothing, then please sign our petition to the Environment Minister, requesting that all brands and manufacturers state clearly on their labels whether their CSR includes a robust ‘green and ethical’ policy.

The Aral Sea has been described as one of the biggest environmental disasters in the world. This presents a powerful case for the use of organic cotton.










But what about the little guys?

A final word about small start up’s and design houses. We are also a start up. We love start ups. We understand the financial constraints and complications of implementing a green policy when in reality it’s tough just finding this months rent! Yet the
biggest changes start small. Perhaps these brands recycle and reuse. Perhaps they turn off all the computers and lights every night. Maybe they only use organic cotton. Tell us! We would love to know who is on board.

We adore fashion. We also love this planet and feel a responsibility to it and our fellow workers in the fashion business. There is always something we can do. Let us begin. Sign our petition addressed to the UK Environment Minister here and do your good deed for the day!

Much love

Lizzi, Charlie, Beatrice, Laura and Nicole x

We the undersigned ask you to sign our petition.


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