Beauty Review – Dior Vernis
Ease of Use / Removal

Nail Polish Dior

I bought / acquired this Nail Polish on 31/06/13.

I love wear burgundy on my nails. You can never go wrong with it.

It is really easy to match and it always will look classic and chic.

But not all burgundy are the same. This Dior shade is fantastic, dark and rich. I’m always torn about nail polish. I don’t feel like spending lots of money on it especially if I’m buying a strange colour like yellow or pink, because those colour will last only for a season.

Burgundy instead is timeless so I was keen on buy a good quality one. Now I can’t complain! The polish last for two weeks (even on my feet!) and stays brilliant all the time.

I can’t live without it anymore (I swear I’m wearing it while I’m writing).

Easy to remove but really resistant! We can’t really ask for anything more.

You can find it at Boots.


Ease of Use / Removal

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