Andy Warhol and NARS

NARS Silver Factory, Warhol Self Portrait Eye Shadow Palette in Self Portrait 1,2 and 3. £39.50.

Nars has unveiled their holiday collection- Silver Factory, drawing inspiration from the art of Andy Warhol.

Iconic images are dipslayed and imprinted on eye shadows and palette covers. The idea is to create a world for the user of one that Warhol and the likes of Edie Sedgwick revelled in.

Names of products include, Soup Can, Back Room, & Chelsea Girls. With names like these you’ll sure to fit right in with the array of Warhol self portrait eye shadows and Pop Art brights.

Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick

The Photo booth Collection, 4 mini nail varnishes. £26


Available from 1st November at


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